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New WARN PowerPlant 9.5 and PowerPlant 12

Warn Industries - New WARN PowerPlant 9.5 and PowerPlant 12

New WARN PowerPlant 9.5 and PowerPlant 12
Written: November 19, 2013
by Andy Lilienthal
Along with a host of new winching accessories we debuted at the 2013 SEMA Show earlier this month, we also debuted the new WARN PowerPlant 9.5 and PowerPlant 12.

If you're not familiar with the PowerPlant, this unit combines either a 9,500 lb. or 12,000 lb. WARN winch with a high-performance air compressor to create the ultimate vehicle-mounted mulititool. Both the PowerPlant 9.5 and PowerPlant 12 will air up four 35" tires in about eight minutes and can run non-continuous-duty air tools, thanks to its onboard 1/2 gallon reservoir.

The new PowerPlant models feature a new, more reliable and higher-performance contactor and a new air pressure switch. Additionally, these products now have stainless steel fasteners to prevent corrosion. Both units also now wear an attractive flat-black finish which also guards against corrosion.

Hunter airing up tires with WARN PowerPlant
The PowerPlant is great at airing up tires after a day off road.
In addition, both PowerPlant models come with a new durable 20' air hose, quick connect couplers, a WARN-branded tire pressure gauge, and a dual air chuck. All of these accessories can be stowed in the included carry bag, too.

When called upon as a winch, PowerPlant answers with the features you would expect from a WARN product: a three-stage planetary gear train; extreme-duty sealing; and an automatic load-holding brake for effective winch operation and positive operator feedback. The PowerPlant 9.5 will pull 9,500 lbs. and is great for off-road enthusiasts due to its fast line speed; it includes 125' of 5/16" wire rope. The PowerPlant 12 will pull up to 12,000 lbs. and is ideal for heavier trucks due to its increased capacity; it includes 80' of 3/8" wire rope.

Finally, each PowerPlant includes a hand-held remote for operation of both the winch and compressor. The remote also has an LED to provide feedback on motor temperature.

WARN PowerPlant 12

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