Mounting Systems: Multi-Mount Winch Mounting System

For those looking for added versatility with their winch, the WARN Multi-Mount system allows you to have a winch on the front or rear of the vehicle for maximum flexibility. Simply add the receiver to the front of the vehicle, and the Quick Connect wiring to the rear, and you're ready to go.

One of the simplest ways to mount your portable winch is with the WARN 2" front receiver. Installation is easy. The receiver mounts directly on most vehicle frames without drilling. Click here for part numbers
WARN Front Receiver
Mount your WARN winch to this carrier for a portable winch configuration. Constructed of black coated steel. Predrilled to mount the VR10000, 9.5xp, XD9000i, XD9000, M8000, VR8000 and M6000 winches. Carrier kit includes Quick Connect wiring for front of vehicle (winch and rear wiring is sold separately).

PN 26370 Winch carrier and wiring for front of vehicle. Winch sold separately. Note: to mount the 9.5ti/9.5cti you must purchase as a complete kit.

PN 75330 Multi-Mount Winch Carrier for PowerPlant HP. PowerPlant sold separately. Includes wiring for front of vehicle.

PN 89990 Multi-Mount Winch Carrier for ZEON 8/10. ZEON winch sold separately.

WARN Winch Carrier